1993 Chevrolet Astro Van Pickup Coil Testing Removal & Installation

download TESTING 1. With the ignition key OFF , remove the console cover, distributor cap, rotor and disconnect the pickup coil-to-module wire harness. 2. Connect an ohmmeter from the distributor housing to one pickup lead. The reading should be infinite at all times. 3. Connect an ohmmeter to both pickup coil wire terminals. The reading should be steady at one value within 500-1500 ohms. If not replace the pickup coil. REMOVAL & INSTALLATION Fig. Fig. 2: Exploded view of the distributor components-2.5L engine Fig. Fig. 3: Exploded view of the distributor components-4.3L engine, non-HVS distributor Fig. Fig. 4: Support the distributor shaft while driving out the roll pin Fig. Fig. 5: Use a socket to press the retainer clip over the shaft. Use a new retainer clip each time it is removed 1. Disconnect the negative battery cable. 2. Remove the distributor cap and rotor. Do NOT remove the spark plug wires from the cap. 3. Mark the distributor housing, position of rotor and relationship from the distributor housing-to-engine block for installation purposes. 4. Remove the distributor clamp and remove the distributor from the engine. 5. Place the distributor in a vise and mark the distributor shaft and gear so they can be reassembled in the same position. 6. Drive out the roll pin and remove the gear and shaft from the distributor. Remove the retainer clip by cutting it off. 7. Remove the attaching screws, magnetic shield, retaining ring, and pole piece. To install: 8. Install the pole piece, pickup coil, retaining ring, magnetic shield and retaining screws. Install a new retainer clip using a socket as a driver. 9. Install the gear and shaft to the distributor. Drive in the roll pin. 10. Install the distributor and clamp to the marked position. 11. Install the distributor cap and rotor. 12. Connect the negative battery cable. 13. Adjust the timing to specifications.

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