1993 Ford Taurus How to Remove and install Timing Belt

Removal Note: This engine is a dual overhead cam motor with a single timing belt sprocket on each bank, the second camshaft is driven by a chain under the valve cover of each cylinder head. For Service and Repair of the chain and tensioner, refer to Camshaft Service and Repair. See: Camshaft\Service and Repair
1. Disconnect battery cables. 2. Remove battery. 3. Remove RH engine roll damper. 4. Disconnect wiring to ignition control module (ICM). 5. Remove intake manifold crossover tube bolts. 6. Loosen intake manifold crossover tube hose clamps. 7. Remove intake manifold crossover tube. 8. Rotate accessory drive belt tensioner clockwise to relieve tension and remove single accessory drive belt. 9. Disconnect surge tank fitting. 10. Remove bolts retaining upper and lower idler pulleys to engine and remove pulleys. 11. Using strap wrench D85L-6000-A or equivalent, to hold power steering pump pulley, remove nut, washer and remove power steering pulley. 12. 13. 14. 15.

Remove retaining bolt from belt tensioner and remove tensioner. Remove upper and center timing belt covers. Disconnect crankshaft position (CKP) sensor (12A127) connectors. Place transaxle in NEUTRAL. 16. Set engine to TDC on No. 1 cylinder. Ensure that “white” mark on crankshaft damper aligns with 0 degree index mark on lower timing belt cover and that marks on intake camshaft pulleys align with index marks on metal timing belt cover. Raise vehicle on a hoist. Remove RH front wheel and tire assembly. Loosen fender splash shield and place out of the way. Remove crankshaft damper using Steering Wheel Puller T67L-3600-A, Step Plate Adapter D80L-630-3 and Screw and Washer Set T89P-6701-A. Remove lower timing belt cover and belt guide. Remove upper timing belt tensioner bolt. Slowly loosen lower timing belt tension bolt and remove tensioner. Lower vehicle. Remove belt. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. Installation CAUTION: Before installing timing belt, inspect if for cracks, wear or other damage.

Replace if damaged. Do not allow timing belt to come in contact with gasoline, oil, water, coolant or steam. Do not turn belt inside out or twist belt. Always store belt in a cool dark place. Always keep belt in protective packaging until ready for use. Never hit or squeeze belt with hammer or screwdriver. WARNING: USE CAUTION WHEN COMPRESSING TIMING BELT TENSIONER IN VISE TO ENSURE THAT TENSIONER DOES NOT SLIP FROM VISE. 1. Slowly compress timing belt tensioner in a soft jawed vise until hole in tensioner housing aligns with hole in tensioner rod. 2. Insert a 1.5 mm (1/20 inch) hex wrench through holes. 3. Release tensioner from vice. 4. If a new timing belt is being installed, loosen timing belt idler bolt. 5. Ensure engine is at TDC on No. 1 cylinder. Check that camshaft pulley marks line up with index marks on upper steel belt cover and that crankshaft pulley aligns with index mark on oil pump housing. 6. Note: The timing belt has three yellow lines. Each line aligns with the index marks shown. Install timing belt on crankshaft pulley and route to camshaft pulleys. Lettering on belt “KOB” should be readable from rear of engine (top of lettering to front of engine). Also ensure that the yellow lines are aligned with the index marks on the pulley.

7. Install timing belt tensioner on cylinder block while pushing timing belt idler toward belt. Tighten tensioner bolts to 16-23 Nm (12-17 ft-lbs) . CAUTION: Do not install timing belt tensioner with rod extended. 8. Install grommets between timing belt tensioner and oil pump. 9. Remove 1.5 mm (1/20 inch) hex wrench from timing belt tensioner. Note: If a new timing belt is being installed, perform steps 10 through 13. If the original timing belt is being used, go to step 14. 10. Position Timing Belt Tensioner Tool T93P-6254-B using holes in power steering pump support. Lightly tighten timing belt tensioner adjustment bolt to bottom the timing belt tensioner idle pulley to prevent it from pivoting during adjustment. 11. Hand-tighten timing belt idler bolt. 12. Using Inch Pound Torque Wrench D81L-600-A or equivalent, rotate Torque Wrench Attachment T93P-6254-A clockwise to 0.5 Nm (4.3 In lbs) . 13. Tighten timing belt tensioner bolts to 36-50 Nm (27-37 ft lbs) . Then remove Belt Tensioning Tool T93P-6254-B. 14. Raise vehicle on hoist. 15. Install belt guide and lower timing belt cover. Tighten retaining bolts to 16-23 Nm (12-17 ft lbs) . 16. Install crankshaft damper using Crankshaft Seal Installer/Cover Aligner T88T- 6701-A with forcing screw from Vibration Damper and Seal Installer T82L- 6316-A.

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