2002 Ford Explorer 5R55W Transmission No 3Rd Gear Or Slipping 2-3 Shift Dtcs P0733 And P0745

ISSUE Some 2002 Explorer/Mountaineer vehicles built prior to 3/4/2002 with 5R55W transmission, may exhibit no 3rd gear or slipping 2-3 shift with diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) P0733 and P0745 present. This may be due to a broken intermediate band. ACTION If the conditions described are verified: • Follow Service Procedure “A” to confirm band is broken. • Follow Service Procedure “B” after verifying a band is broken. Per Procedure “B”, if a broken band is found replacement of both the OD and intermediate bands and pistons will be necessary. However, only an inspection of the direct clutch drum may be necessary. The drum should not be replaced unless damage is found.

Note This Article Does Not Apply To Any Other Conditions Or Components That May Cause Similar Symptoms And Is Only Written To Cover These Specific Conditions. Service Procedure Procedure “A” – Broken Band Verification Caution While Performing The Following Procedure Do Not Allow Band Adjustment Screw To Back Out. Band Strut Could Fall Out Of Position. 1. Loosen the intermediate band locknut on the band adjustment screw. 2. Using the special service tool (307-S022), tighten the suspect band adjustment screw to 10 lb-ft (14 N•m). a. If the band adjustment torque cannot be achieved, both bands will need to be replaced. Proceed to PROCEDURE “B”. b. If the proper torque is achieved, the band is OK and does not need to be replaced. Proceed to Step 3 of PROCEDURE “A”. 3. Lubricate the locknut seal with petroleum jelly prior to installation.

a. Remove the band locknut and discard. b. Install a NEW band locknut. c. Using the special service tool (307-S022), tighten the band adjustment screw to 10 lb-ft (14 N•m). d. Back off the screw exactly two (2) turns and hold that position. e. Tighten the intermediate band locknut. f. Hold the band adjustment screw stationary. g. Tighten the band locknut to 40 lb-ft (54 N•m). h. Continue with normal diagnosis and repair for the condition as outlined in the Workshop Manual.

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