2005-2006 Ford Expedition A/C Condensation Leaking Onto The Passenger Front Floor

ISSUE Some 2005-2006 Expedition and Navigator vehicles may exhibit water leaking on to the passenger floor from the A/C plenum drain tube area. ACTION Refer to the following Service Procedure to determine if the water leak is from the air conditioning drain tube and repair as necessary. SERVICE PROCEDURE 1. Turn off air suspension, if equipped. 2. Verify the leak is from the HVAC case drain seal and not from another source. Pull back the carpet on the passenger floorboard and feel the HVAC drain tube seal for water (Figure 1A-1B). a. If signs of water or moisture are present continue on with the TSB. b. If there are no signs of water or moisture at the drain tube seal, follow normal diagnosis and repair procedures.

3. Expedition only: Open hood and remove transmission dip stick. 4. Navigator only: Use Message Center to position running boards in the extended position (out setting). Refer to Owners Guide, drivers control section for more information. 5. Remove the right front wheel following Workshop Manual, Section 204-04 procedure. 6. Remove right front fender splash shield. 7. Expedition only: Remove transmission dipstick tube from vehicle. 8. Pull back the engine compartment dash panel insulator far enough to expose the HVAC drain tube (Figure 2B) by removing the push pin to the right of the drain (Figure 2A). Figure 3 – Article 05-20-7 10. Re-seat the engine compartment dash panel insulator and replace the push pin. 11. Expedition only: Install transmission dipstick and tube. 12. Verify the repair by ensuring condensation is dripping outside the vehicle and not running inside onto the passenger floorboard. 13. Replace the right front fender splash shield and wheel. 14. Turn air suspension back on, if equipped.

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