1999 Honda Civic LX Distributor Removal & Installation

Fig. Exploded view of a Hitachi style distributor Fig. Exploded view of a TEC style distributor Fig. Distributor mounting bolt torque Fig. Position of the ignition wires on the distributor cap Fig. Matchmark the position of the distributor before removal Fig. Using a closed end wrench, remove the distributor mounting bolts Fig. Remove the distributor Fig. Location of the distributor mounting bolts holes Fig. Use a small pick to remove the O-ring from the distributor Fig. Always replace the O-ring before re-installing the distributor Fig. Distributor adjusting bolt location The radio may contain a coded theft protection circuit. Always make note of the code before disconnecting the battery.

1. Disconnect the negative battery cable. 2. Access the crankshaft pulley bolt through the left side inner fender liner. Use a socket, long extension and a suitable ratchet to rotate the engine. Rotate the engine counterclockwise until the white Top Dead Center (TDC) mark on the pulley aligns with the pointer on the engine cover. 3. Label and the ignition wires but do not remove them. 4. Remove the distributor cap and note the location of the ignition rotor. If the ignition rotor is not pointing toward the terminal of the distributor cap for cylinder No. 1, rotate the crankshaft one complete revolution counterclockwise, and align the white (TDC) mark on the pulley with the pointer on the engine cover. 5. If the distributor is going to be reinstalled, make an alignment mark between the distributor housing and the cylinder head using a scribe or a chisel. Then, and using a scribe, felt tipped marker or touch up paint, make an alignment mark on the distributor housing for the rotor. 6. Uncouple the electrical connectors on the side of the distributor. 7. Remove the three distributor mounting bolts. 8. Remove the distributor from the cylinder head. To install: If the camshaft or crankshaft has rotated during assembly, rotate the crankshaft counterclockwise until the white Top Dead Center (TDC) mark on the pulley aligns with the pointer on the engine cover.

If the valve cover and upper timing cover have been removed, be sure the UP mark on the camshaft is facing up, and that the crankshaft TDC mark aligns with the pointer on the lower timing cover. 9. Coat a new O-ring with clean engine oil and install it onto the distributor shaft. 10. Install the distributor into the cylinder head. The offset lug on the distributor shaft will fit into the groove on the end of the camshaft in only one direction. If the distributor is being reinstalled, align the marks made during disassembly. 11. Install the three mounting bolts, only hand-tighten them at this time. 12. Couple the electrical connectors on the side of the distributor. 13. If removed, reconnect the ignition wires in the correct order. 14. Reconnect the negative battery cable. The Powertrain Control Module(PCM) idle memory must be reset after reconnecting the battery. Start the engine and hold it at 3000 rpm until the cooling fan comes on. Then allow the engine to idle for about five minutes with all accessories OFF and with the transmission in Park or neutral. 15. Check and adjust the ignition timing. 16. Enter the radio security code.

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