2000 Honda Accord V6 Match Fuel Pressure Regulator With PCM

Model year ’00 Accord V6s repaired according to S/B 00-024, Hard Start After “Hot Soak,” have an updated fuel pressure regulator and PCM installed. Four-door models from VIN 1HGCG1654YA076104 on, and 2-door models from VIN 1HGCG2244YA035748 on, already have the updated regulator and PCM. In either case, if you need to replace the updated regulator or PCM, you must use an updated replacement part. If you don’t, the MIL will comes on and fuel system DTCs will be set.

Before you replace a fuel pressure regulator or PCM on a ’00 Accord V6, first look at the regulator to determine which replacement parts to order. • If there’s a black dot on the regulator, it’s the updated type. Replace it or the PCM with these parts: fuel pressure regulator, P/N 16740-PGK-A01, H/C 6435093 or PCM, P/N 37820-P8C-A54, H/C 6432710. • If there’s no black dot on the regulator, it’s the original type. Replace it or the PCM with the parts listed in the parts catalog.

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  1. My 2000 honda accord idles rough after I have ran the car for a while. Turn it off and then when I get back in the car and start it, it runs. I put it in drive, hit the gas and while I’m driving Down the street it hesitates, losses power, rpm drops then it kicks back in and runs fine. This only occurs when the engine is warm after I have ran it for a while, turn it off and then I get back in and start it and try to pull off. If I take my foot off the gas then press it, it jerks and then kicks back in. I’ve done a time up, changed out #4 ignition coil, changed my idle air control sensor, egr valve and now I have a check engine light and the car still has the same problem! Can you please help? Thanks

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