2003–2005 Honda Civic Hybrid With CVT Shift Lever Is Hard to Move

SYMPTOM The shift lever is hard to move. PROBABLE CAUSE Corrosion in the joint between the shift cable and the control lever causes the joint to bind. The corrosion is most often caused by road salt. CORRECTIVE ACTION Replace the shift cable and control lever with revised parts. REPAIR PROCEDURE 1. Park the vehicle on a lift. 2. Remove the center panel and the center console: • Refer to page 20-54 of the 2003–2005 Civic Hybrid Service Manual, or • Online, enter keyword CENTER CON, and select Center Console Removal/Installation from the list.

3. Move the shift lever to N. 4. Remove the shift cable end locknut, then separate the cable end from the shift lever assembly. 5. Rotate the socket holder on the shift cable a quarter turn so the tab is in the opening of the shift lever bracket base. Slide the holder out to remove the shift cable from the bracket base. 6. Raise the vehicle on the lift. 7. Remove the bolts and nuts securing the shift cable brackets. SHIFT CABLE BRACKETS NUTS 8. Remove the grommet, and pull the shift cable out. 9. Lower the vehicle. 10. Remove the air cleaner housing and the intake air duct.

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