2003 Honda Accord Audio-HVAC Display Is Dim or Dark

CORRECTIVE ACTION If confirmed by your diagnosis, replace the PCB inside the audio unit. The PCB core must be returned for credit. DIAGNOSIS 1. Turn the ignition switch to the ON (II) position. 2. Use the eject button to remove all CDs from the audio unit. 3. With the radio on, select a radio station using one of the presets. • If you hear the radio station but cannot see the radio frequency selected, and the radio/HVAC panel buttons are not illuminated with the headlights on, go to REPAIR PROCEDURE. • If you can’t hear any sound and can’t see the radio frequency selected, this bulletin does not apply. Continue with normal troubleshooting. NOTE: For problems and repairs not covered by this bulletin, troubleshoot as needed, and refer to Service Bulletin 06-001, Audio, Navigation, and RES Unit In-Warranty Exchange, and Audio and DVD Player Out-of-Warranty Repair. REPAIR PROCEDURE

NOTE: • Before you replace a PCB, refer to the PCB HANDLING PRECAUTIONS. • To replace a PCB, you need the ESD/anti-static mat from the PCB tool kit (P/N 07AAZ-SDAA170) and a clean work surface. • Before you open the audio unit or handle the replacement PCB, attach the wrist strap (included in the PCB tool kit) around one of your wrists, and attach the alligator clip to the ESD mat. • Replacement PCBs come with a new serial number label, an anti-theft code card, and two labels with the new serial number and anti-theft code. Apply the serial number label to the anti-theft card, and give the card to the customer. Make sure the customer knows the importance of keeping the anti-theft code card in a safe place. Advise them to discard the original anti-theft code card. • To prevent unneeded troubleshooting, check the radio and HVAC functions, and verify that all functions are working before you begin. This repair is for illumination problems only. Other problems and repairs are not covered by this bulletin. 1. Press the eject button, and remove all of the CDs from the audio unit. 2. Remove the audio unit from the dashboard: • Refer to page 22-372 of the 2003–2007 Accord Service Manual, or • Online, enter keywords AUDIO PANEL, and select Audio-HVAC Display Panel Removal/ Installation from the list. 3. Place the audio unit on the ESD/anti-static mat. Then attach the wrist strap around one of your wrists, and attach the alligator clip to the ESD mat.

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