2003 Honda Pilot Hesitation or Surging Between 30 and 60 mph

Symptom under light acceleration, the engine exhibits hesitation or surging that can be mistaken for a lock-up converter problem. Probable cause faulty egr valve. Corrective action using the honda diagnostic system (hds), diagnose the egr valve, and clear any stored codes. If the egr valve is faulty, replace it with a new egr valve. Parts information egr valve: p/n 18011-pgk-a02, h/c 7382161 diagnosis 1. Verify that the hds has software version 1.013.008 installed. Previous versions will not do this diagnosis. 2. Connect the hds to the 16p data link connector (dlc). 3. Turn the ignition switch to on (ii). Turn on the hds. 4. At the screen prompts, enter the vin and the odometer reading, and then verify the correct date/ time.

5. Select the mode menu. Then select honda systems. 6. From the system selection menu screen, select pgm fi. 7. From the mode menu screen, select snapshot. 8. From the trigger type menu, select the fast sampling button. 9. From the high speed menu screen, select these parameters: engine speed, vss, ect sensor, map sensor, tp sensor, egr-l-command, and egr lift. Then select the green check button. 10. When the trigger type menu is displayed, select manual, select record time for 30 seconds, and move the trigger point to the middle. Then select the blue check button. Check that the defaulted trigger point is in the middle.

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  2003 Honda Pilot Hesitation or Surging Between 30 and 60 mph Direct Download speed 7287 Kb/s

  2003 Honda Pilot Hesitation or Surging Between 30 and 60 mph Full Version speed 5567 Kb/s

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