2002 Kia Optima Timing Belt Removal & Installation

MANUFACTURER’S SUGGESTED SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE The manufacturer recommends the belt be replaced every 60,000 miles, except in California. In California, inspect timing belt at 60,000 miles and 90,000 miles, and replace at 105,000 miles. REMOVAL & INSTALLATION CAUTION: This application is an interference engine. Do not rotate camshaft or crankshaft when timing belt is removed, or engine damage may occur. TIMING BELT Removal CAUTION: To prevent pistons from contacting valves, DO NOT rotate camshaft or crankshaft with timing belt removed. 1. Remove engine cover. Using 16-mm spanner wrench, rotate serpentine belt tension arm clockwise about 14 degrees to relieve belt tension. Remove serpentine drive belt.

Remove power steering pump pulley, drive belt idler pulley, drive belt tensioner pulley, and crankshaft pulley. See Fig. 1 . 2. Remove timing belt covers. If necessary, support engine using wooden block on jack, and remove engine mounting insulator and engine mount bracket. Rotate crankshaft clockwise until engine is on No. 1 cylinder compression stroke. Ensure camshaft timing marks are aligned. See Fig. 2 . 3. If reusing timing belt, mark direction of rotation on belt. Remove timing belt auto tensioner. Remove timing belt. Fig. 2 . If timing marks are not aligned, DO NOT turn camshaft sprockets more than 3 teeth in either direction to align (this will result in valves touching pistons). If camshaft sprocket is accidentally rotated more than 3 teeth, rotate crankshaft counterclockwise 3 teeth before rotating camshaft sprocket. 3. Compress timing belt auto tensioner, and install set pin to hold in retracted position.

Install timing belt auto tensioner onto front case. Align timing marks of each sprocket, and install timing belt around pulleys and sprockets as follows: crankshaft sprocket, idler pulley, left camshaft sprocket, water pump pulley, right camshaft sprocket and tensioner pulley. See Fig. 2. 4. Pull set pin from timing belt auto tensioner to apply tension to timing belt. Adjust tension and seat timing belt by rotating crankshaft 2 complete revolutions clockwise. Check auto tension pin extended length after 5-minute wait. Extended length should be .24-.32″ (6.1-8.1 mm). If length is greater than specification, belt is stretched. Install NEW timing belt. Ensure sprocket timing marks are properly aligned. If marks are not properly aligned, repeat installation procedure.

5. Install engine mount bracket and mounting insulator, if necessary. Install upper and lower timing belt covers. Install all external pulleys. Tighten fasteners to specification. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS . Rotate auto tensioner arm about 14 degrees clockwise, and install serpentine drive belt onto pulleys. See Fig. 3 . Release tensioner. Tensioner indicator mark should be between range marks. See Fig. 4 . If tensioner indicator is not within range marks, replace serpentine drive belt. Install engine cover.

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