1989-1995 Nissan Pick-ups and Pathfinder Heater Core Removal & Installation

REMOVAL & INSTALLATION See Figures 1 through 5 Nissan offers no factory approved information regarding service to the heating and air conditioning systems. Please utilize this procedures as a general guide, referring to the accompanying figures, as necessary for further clarification. 1. Remove the heater assembly. 2. Remove the screws and clips and separate the heater case halves. 3. Slide out the heater core. To install: 4. Install the heater core in the heater case and close the two halves. Install the clips. 5. Install the heater assembly. Fig. Fig. 2: Remove the lower duct retaining bolt to remove the duct holder assembly Fig. Fig. 3: Remove the duct holder assembly from the vehicle-do not damage the felt seals Fig. Fig. 4: Remove the cooling unit case assembly retaining bolt Fig. Fig. 5: Always make sure the heater hose clamps are tight

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