1996 Nissan Maxima Timing Chain Removal Installation

download 1. Drain engine oil. 2. Release fuel pressure. 3. Drain coolant by removing cylinder block drain plugs and radiator drain cock. NOTE: Do not spill engine coolant on drive belts. 4. Remove left side ornament cover. 5. Remove air duct to intake manifold, collector, blow-by hose, vacuum hoses, fuel hoses, wires, harness and connectors. 6. Remove the following: Vacuum hoses Water hoses EVAP canister purge hose Blow-by hose 7. Remove RH and LH ignition coils. 8. Remove EGR guide tube. 9. Remove intake manifold collector supports and intake manifold collector (RH cylinder head only). 10. Remove fuel tube assembly. NOTE: Do not disassemble fuel tube assembly. 11. Remove intake manifold in reverse order of installation. 12. 13. 14. 15. Remove RH and LH rocker covers from cylinder head. Remove engine undercover. Remove front RH wheel and engine side cover. Remove drive belts and idler pulley bracket. 16. Remove power steering oil pump belt and power steering oil pump assembly. 17. Remove Camshaft Position Sensor (PHASE) and Crankshaft Position Sensors (REF)/(POS) .

  1996 Nissan Maxima Timing Chain Removal Installation Direct Download speed 7287 Kb/s

  1996 Nissan Maxima Timing Chain Removal Installation Full Version speed 5567 Kb/s

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