2002–2006 Nissan Sentra Long Engine Crank Time Before Start

If you confirm: when starting the engine, it cranks longer than 3 seconds before it starts. Action: install the fuel pump repair kit (listed in the parts information).Service procedure 1. Remove the fuel pump/fuel level sensor/fuel filter assembly from the vehicle. • refer to section fl in the appropriate service manual (esm) for removal information. • follow all applicable service manual warnings and cautions. 2. Place the assembly in a clean working area. Caution: don’t get any dirt or other foreign material in any of the assembly parts. Disassemble 3. Disconnect the wires from the fuel level sensor. 4. Snap the fuel temperature sensor out of its mounting clip. 5. Carefully separate the flange from the chamber. • release the 2 side “hooks”. • one hook is shown in figure 1; the other is on the opposite side and is not visible in the picture. 6. Remove the chamber from the rest of the assembly. • set the chamber aside. You’ll be reusing it. 7. Carefully disconnect the fuel pump connector. • use a small flat blade screwdriver to unlock the connector. 8. Remove the spring. • set the spring aside. You’ll be reusing it.

9. Carefully remove the fuel pump bracket shown in figures 6 and 7. • you’ll need to release the “hooks”. See figure 7 for example. Caution: be careful; don’t damage the suction filter/pick-up screen. • there are 4 hooks. 2 are shown and 2 are on the other side (not shown). • push/pull on the bracket while unlocking the hooks with a small flat blade screwdriver. • set the fuel pump bracket aside. You’ll be reusing it. 10. Remove the support rubber from the bottom of the fuel pump and discard it. • the kit comes with a new one. Note: the support rubber may come off with the bracket in step 9. 11. Remove the fuel pump. A. Carefully push on the fuel pump connector as shown in figure 9. B. Then pull the fuel pump out. • set the fuel pump aside. You’ll be reusing it. 12. Once the fuel pump bracket and fuel pump have been removed, discard the flange and the filter/pressure regulator. 13. Open the fuel pump repair kit and remove the new parts. Caution: • don’t pull on the flexible tube of the new parts. • the flexible tube connections are a “press-fit” at both ends. • pulling on (stressing) these fittings may damage the connections. Assemble 14. Put the new support rubber (from the kit) in the fuel pump bracket. • reuse the original fuel pump bracket. 15. Put the new packing/seal (from the kit) in the pressure regulator receptacle. Note: if the old (original) packing is still in the receptacle, remove and discard it. 16. Place the new fuel pump packing (from the kit) on the fuel pump outlet as shown in figures 13 and 14. Note: if the old (original) packing is still on the fuel pump, remove and discard it. • make sure the packing is installed correctly, as shown in figure 14. 17. Place the fuel pump on the fuel pump bracket as shown. . 18. Carefully slide the fuel pump bracket with fuel pump onto the new filter/ pressure regulator. • make sure the pressure regulator slides into the bracket receptacle correctly. • make sure all 4 bracket hooks snap into place correctly. Caution: be careful; don’t push on the suction filter/pick-up screen.

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