Nissan Altima How to Changing Engine Coolant

WARNING: To avoid being scalded, never change the coolant when the GI engine is hot. —DRAINING ENGINE COOLANT— 1. Set air conditioner system as follows to prevent coolant from remaining in the system. a. Turn ignition switch ON and set temperature controller to maximum hot position. b. Wait 10 seconds before turning ignition switch OFF. 2. Open drain plug at the bottom of radiator and remove radia- tor cap. 3. Remove reservoir tank, drain coolant, then clean reservoir tank. Install it temporarily. q Be careful not to allow coolant to contact drive belts. 4. Remove drain plug on water pipe and air relief plug. 5. Check drained coolant for contaminants such as rust, corrosion, or discoloration.

If contaminated, flush engine cooling system. Refer to ‘‘FLUSHING COOLING SYSTEM’’ shown below. —REFILLING ENGINE COOLANT— 6. Install reservoir tank, radiator drain plug and drain plug on water pipe (or cylinder block drain plug if so equipped). q Apply sealant to the thread of drain plug on water pipe. : 34 – 44 N m (3.5 – 4.5 kg-m, 25 – 33 ft-lb) 7. Fill radiator until coolant spills from the air relief hole, then install air relief plug. Air relief plug: : 7 – 8 N m (0.7 – 0.8 kg-m, 61 – 69 in-lb) q Use Genuine NISSAN Anti-freeze Coolant or equivalent mixed with distilled or demeneralized water. Refer to ‘‘RECOMMENDED FLUIDS AND LUBRICANTS’’, MA-9. Engine coolant capacity (With reservoir tank): 7.0 l (7-3/8 US qt. 6-1/8 Imp qt) Reservoir tank capacity: 0.6 l (5/8 US qt, 1/2 Imp qt) q Pour coolant through coolant filler neck slowly to allow air in system to escape.

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