1994 mazda b3000 fuse box diagram Direct Download speed 7287 Kb/s

  1994 mazda b3000 fuse box diagram Full Version speed 5567 Kb/s

1987 Mazda B2000 Vacuum Hose Diagram (B2200)

Exploded View Vacum House Diagram Related Entry : 2003 lincoln navigator vacuum hose schematic JUST ANSWER, 2006 bmw x5 vacum diagram, mazda protege brake booster vacuum hose, 2004 f250 vacuum diagram, 06 Chevrolet Aveo vacuum, Mazda Tribute 02 vacuum lines, 2003 cadillac throotle body hose diagram on 3 2, hose diagram for 1995 Toyota Tacoma, …

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1994 1998 Mazda Trucks Ignition Control Module (ICM) Removal & Installation

download See Figures 1, 2 and 3 Only 1994 B Series Pick-up and Navajo ignition systems use an external ICM. The 1995-98 B Series Pick-ups have incorperated the ICM into the Power Control Module (PCM). 1. Disconnect the negative battery cable. 2. Detach the wiring harness connector(s) from the ICM. 3. Remove the mounting bolt(s), …

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1987 Mazda B2600 Wiring Diagrams

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1994 Mazda Protege Axle Shaft: Service and Repair Removal

download Remove wheel and tire (1). Remove splash shield (2). Remove axle shaft locknut (3). Remove stabilizer link (4). 5. Loosen tie-rod end lock nut (5) and remove using SST 49 0118 850C or equivalent. 6. Remove lower ball joint (6). 7. Remove the driveshaft (7, 8) from the transaxle with a pry bar. Caution: …

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1994 Mazda 626 Transaxle Oil Replacement

download 1. On level ground, jack up the vehicle and support it evenly on safety stands. 2. Remove the drain plug and washer. 3. Drain the oil into a suitable container. 4. Install a new washer and the drain plug. Tightening torque: 40-58 N.m (4.0-6.0 kgf.m, 29-43 ft.lbf) 5. Remove the oil level plug and …

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