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1995 Dodge Neon Timing Belt Replacement

Removal (Hydraulic Tensioner) 1. Remove No. 1 spark plug. Using dial indicator, set number one cylinder to TDC of compression stroke. Remove access plug from top of timing belt cover. See Fig. 1 . Ensure timing mark on camshaft aligns with mark on rear cover. See Fig. 2 . 2. Disconnect negative battery cable. Remove …

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2005 Dodge Neon Wire Color Index

download WIRE COLOR LOCATION POL. Battery 1 Pink/Black Ignition Harness Positive Ignition 1 Blue Ignition Harness Positive Starter 1 Yellow Ignition Harness Positive Accessory 1 Black/Orange Ignition Harness Positive Parklights Positive Black/Yellow Ignition Harness Positive Brake Lights White/Tan At Brake Switch (Above Brake Pedal) Positive Horn Black/Red At Steering Column Negative Tach Black/Gray At Ignition …

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1996 Dodge Dakota Fuses & Circuit Breakers

download IDENTIFICATION CAUTION: When replacing a blown fuse, it is important to use only a fuse having the correct amperage rating. The use of a fuse with a rating other than indicated may result in a dangerous electrical system overload. If a properly rated fuse continues to blow, it indicates a problem in the circuit …

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2001 Dodge Durango Blower Motor Relays Replacement

download 1. Disconnect negative battery cable. On 2000 Dakota, blower motor relay is located behind instrument panel, inboard of glove box. See Fig. 1 . On 2000 Durango, Ram Pickup, Ram Van/Wagon, front blower motor relay is located in Power Distribution Center (PDC). 2. On Ram Van/Wagon, front high speed blower motor relay is located …

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2007 Chevrolet Lumina Fuse Block – Instrument Panel

1 WINDOW BATTERY 20A Not Used 2 POWER WINDOWS 20A 3 POWER SEATS 20A Trailer Wiring, Auxiliary Body Control Module (XBCM) (Export) 4 SPARE Automatic Level Control (ALC) Compressor (G69), Electronic Suspension Control (ESC) Module (Z55) Evaporative Emissions (EVAP) Canister Purge Solenoid Valve, Mass Air Flow (MAF)/Intake Air Temperature (IAT) Sensor, Valve Lifter Oil Manifold …

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