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2001 Hyundai Accent GL Fuel Pump Test

download Turn ignition off. Apply battery voltage to fuel pump check connector terminal. See Fig. 1 . Remove fuel tank cap and listen for fuel pump operation. Pinch fuel hoses by hand, and ensure fuel pressure can be felt. FUEL PRESSURE TEST Accent & Elantra NOTE: Fuel pressure regulator is an integral part of fuel …

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2001 Hyundai Tiburon Wheel Bearings Removal

download CAUTION: Use Special Hub Remover/Installer and puller to separate hub from steering knuckle. Bearing damage will result if hub is removed using a hammer. Removal 1. Remove steering knuckle and hub assembly. See STEERING KNUCKLE . Install Hub Remover & Knuckle Arm Bridge Adapter on steering knuckle. See SPECIAL TOOLS table. See Fig. 6 …

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2001 Hyundai Sonata Engine Performance On-Vehicle Adjustments

download 1. With ignition off. Disconnect TP sensor 4-pin harness connector. Measure resistance between TP sensor terminals No. 4 (Black/White wire) and No. 1 (LightBlue/Black wire) on Sonata and terminals No. 1 (Black/White wire) and No. 4 (LightBlue/Black wire) on XG 300. See Fig. 2 . Standard resistance value should be 3500-6500 ohms. If resistance …

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Ford Fuse Diagrams 1997-2001 Ford Mondeo

Location (color) 6 (yellow) Component AC compressor clutch relay Refrigerant pressures Fuse (Amps) F2 (60A) F9 (20A) F9 (20A) Location (color) 2 (black) 3 (Blue) 3 (brown) 5 (dark green) 5 (Mack) 11 (brown) 11 (brown) Fascia – I Circuit Engine coolant blower motor relays Cold start Injection advance relay – diesel Engine control relay …

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1997 Hyundai Sonata Timing Belt Replacement

download Removal 1. Remove all drive belts. Remove crankshaft pulley and water pump pulley. Remove upper and lower timing belt covers, noting bolt lengths and locations. 2. Turn crankshaft clockwise and align timing marks so No. 1 cylinder is at TDC. Timing marks on camshaft sprockets should be aligned at upper surface of cylinder head. …

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