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2004 Toyota Land Cruiser Power/Radio Wire Harness For Rear Seat Entertainment System

download For the Rear Seat Entertainment system for Land Cruiser vehicles (P/N PT296–6002D), the current Power/Radio Wire Harness has a missing wire that inhibits the radio beep sound when using the Toyota Navigation system. S 2004 model year Land Cruiser vehicles equipped with Rear Seat Entertainment and Toyota Navigation systems. To correct this problem, replace …

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2011 – 2012 Toyota Tacoma Rear Brake Drum Squeak

When coming to a stop, some 2011 – 2012 model year Tacoma vehicles may exhibit a squeak/squeal noise from the rear brake drum at the end of the stop. Revised rear brake shoes and drums are now available to address this condition. Repair Procedure 1. Confirm the rear brake squeak noise. 2. Replace the rear …

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2009–2010 Toyota Venza Rear Suspension “Squawk” Noise

download Some 2009 – 2010 Venza vehicles may exhibit a “squawk/groan” noise from the rear suspension when traveling over bumps, accelerating from a stop, and/or during slow rolling stops. The abnormal noise may be caused by rear coil spring contact with the lower strut seat due to a displaced or damaged rear coil spring lower …

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2010 Toyota Prius Rear Brake Squeak

download Some 2010 Toyota Prius vehicles may experience rear brake squeak when backing up or moving forward during the first few brake applications when the brakes are cold. An updated rear brake shim kit is available to reduce the likelihood of this condition occurring. Repair Procedure 1. Test drive the vehicle to confirm the squeak …

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2004 Toyota Sienna Seat Heater Inoperative

download Introduction Some 2004 model year Sienna vehicles may experience a condition where the driver or passenger seat heaters do not operate. The following repair procedure has been made available to correct this concern. Applicable Vehicles S 2004 model year Sienna vehicles. 1. Remove the seat back and seat bottom covers. Refer to the Technical …

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