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2005 Subaru Outback Limited Engine Ignition

download CAUTION Wear work clothing, including a cap, protective goggles and protective shoes during operation. Remove contamination including dirt and corrosion before removal, installation or disassembly. Keep the disassembled parts in order and protect them from dust and dirt. Before removal, installation or disassembly, be sure to clarify the failure. Avoid unnecessary removal, installation, disassembly …

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1991 Subaru Loyale Sedan How to remove and Install Camshaft And Timing Belt

download REMOVAL 1. Loosen water pump pulley mounting nuts or bolts. 2. Loosen two alternator mounting bolts, and detach V-belt. [Except air conditioner equipped model] 3. Remove water pump pulley and pulley cover. 4. Disconnect lead from oil pressure switch. 5. Remove oil level gauge guide together with gauge. 6. Remove crankshaft pulley. To lock …

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1997 Subaru Legacy GT Sedan How To Remove and Install Timing Belt

download INSTALLATION SPROCKET 1) Install right-hand belt cover No.2. 2) Install left-hand belt cover No.2. 3) Install tensioner bracket 4) Install crankshaft sprocket. 5) Install right-hand exhaust camshaft sprocket. To lock camshaft, use ST. 6) Install right-hand intake camshaft sprocket using ST. 7) Install left-hand exhaust camshaft sprocket using ST. 8) Install left-hand intake camshaft …

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2003 Subaru Outback Ignition System Removal

download CAUTION: All spark plugs installed on an engine, must be of the same heat range. Spark plug: NGK: PLFR6A-11 RH SIDE 1. Disconnect battery ground cable. 2. Remove air cleaner lower case. 3. Disconnect connector from ignition coil. 4. Remove ignition coil. 5. Remove spark plugs with the spark plug socket. LH SIDE 1. …

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2000 Subaru Outback Instrument Panel Removal

download INSTRUMENT PANEL NOTE: Be aware of all Airbag wiring and components located in and around the instrument panel. Removal 1. Disconnect the ground cable from the battery. Remove the left underdash cover. See Fig. 12 . 2. Remove the complete steering column assembly. Remove the glove box assembly. See Fig. 13 . Remove both …

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