2001 Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS Coupe Remove and Install Timing Belt

CAUTION: INTERFERENCE ENGINE When installing the timing belt, be sure to align all alignment marks on the belt with corresponding marks on the sprokets. If incorrectly installed, interference between pistons and valves may occur. A: REMOVAL 1. TIMING BELT 1. Remove timing belt guide. (MT vehicles only) 2. If alignment mark (a) and/or arrow mark (which indicates rotation direction) on timing belt fade away, put new marks before removing timing belt as shown in procedures below. 1. Turn crankshaft using ST. Align mark (a) of sprocket to cylinder block notch (b) and ensure that right side cam sprocket mark (c), cam cap and cylinder head matching surface (d) and/or left side cam sprocket mark (e) and belt cover notch (f) are properly adjusted. ST 499987500 CRANKSHAFT SOCKET 2. Using white paint, put alignment and/or arrow marks on timing belts in relation to the crank sprocket and cam sprockets.

Specified data: Z1: 44 tooth length Z2: 40.5 tooth 3. Remove belt idler (No. 2). 4. Remove halt idler No. 2. 5. Remove timing belt. 2. BELT IDLER AND AUTOMATIC BELT TENSION ADJUSTER ASSEMBLY 1. Remove belt idler (No. 1). 2. Remove automatic belt tension adjuster assembly. B: INSTALLATION 1. AUTOMATIC BELT TENSION ADJUSTER ASSEMBLY AND BELT IDLER 1. Preparation for installation of automatic belt tension adjuster assembly; CAUTION: Always use a vertical type pressing tool to move the adjuster rod down. Do not use a lateral type vise. Push adjuster rod vertically. Be sure to slowly move the adjuster rod down applying a pressure of 294 N (30 kgf, 66 lbs.) .

Press-in the push adjuster rod gradually take more than three minutes. Do not allow press pressure to exceed 9,807 N (1,000 kgf, 2,205 lbs.) . Press the adjuster rod as far as the end surface-face of the cylinder. Do not press the adjuster rod into the cylinder. Doing so may damage the cylinder. Do not release press pressure until stopper pin is completely inserted. 1. Attach the automatic belt tension adjuster assembly to the vertical pressing tool. Slowly move the adjuster rod down with a pressure of 294 N (30 kgf, 66 lb.) until the adjuster rod is aligned with the stopper pin hole in the cylinder. 3. With a 2 mm (0.08 inch) dia. stopper pin or a 2 mm (0.08 inch) (nominal) dia. hex bar wrench inserted into the stopper pin hole in the cylinder, secure the adjuster rod. 2. Install automatic belt tension adjuster assembly. Tightening torque: 39 Nm (4.0 kgf-m, 28.9 ft. lbs.)

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